Behind The Brand


The Sinner & Saint is an independent, gender-fluid, slow fashion brand, with a northern soul, originating in Manchester, UK. Designed, created and directed by myself, Sammy.
Heavily influenced and inspired by fashions great alternative pioneers, Vivienne Westwood and Pam Hogg and 'rock 'n' roll' culture from American and British, Glam Rock, Grunge, Modern Romantics to Punks. Think Keith Richards to Stevie Nicks, Marc Bolan to Siouxsie Sous. Eccentricity, flamboyancy and individuality is at the heart and soul of The Sinner and Saint.
We are the wild ones, the sinners and saints, the good and the reckless. I champion the non-conformists, the rebels with a cause, the free spirits and wandering souls, who have found their place in this chaotic and beautiful world, gracing stages, festivals, raves and sweaty dance music halls. 
       Afflecks Palace, Manchester, UK
My first store was based in the legendary Afflecks Palace, Manchester. Sadly, due to Covid I was unable to re-open, however, I now house a collection of TS&S hats and jackets at Egoiste Gallery on the 3rd Floor and continue to offer all my designs and collections online.
       The Sinner & Saint Store
It is my mission to be committed to ethical pratices and to keep my brands carbon footprint as low as possible. I source quality new and vintage materials within the UK, having built strong relationships with local businesses. 
I am the biggest advocated and champion of SLOW-FASHION, each piece, I create with love and passion, which I hope ultimately transfers to my customers when they wear The Sinner & Saint.