Many high street stores and online retailers have encouraged and enabled an addiction to fast fashion in their customers. As with many other addictions, although this seems to provide immediate gratification and satisfy our desires at the time, we know that it is ultimately unsatisfying, destructive and harmful. At The Sinner & Saint we reject and stand opposed to this culture.

Good value, unique, high quality and sustainable fashion vs cheap fast fashion.
In a world where social media influences consumer behaviour and helps direct trends, wouldn’t it be great if there was a focus on great quality, unique and individual buys, falling in love with and cherishing an item. Supporting independent brands who are battling to thrive in a world dominated by mainstream retailers, many of whom abuse the labour that actually creates the products with sweatshop pricing and poor working conditions.

Rather than filling landfill with clothes worn once or twice, contributing to global warming one stitch at a time, often bought for sole purpose to be worn for that one night out or to make the ‘perfect contrived social media image’ before being discarded, wouldn’t it be great for consumers to create collections/wardrobes that truly belong to be loved, worn and passed down generation after generation. The Sinner & Saint believes that fighting the fashion culture war is emblematic of societies broader problems today, wasteful, neglectful of the harm it affects others and the environment, values which are ultimately destructive to our very soul.