What is the one staple piece of clothing that comes to mind when you think 'Rock 'n' Roll' style?! You guessed it, the ever faithful leather jacket. The one jacket that has kept you warm on those crazy nights, that has been drowned in the sweat and music of every dark, vibrating, dance hall you've stomped your feet. It has been your armour, in the mosh pit of every insane and intense gig you have had the upmost pleasure of experiencing in your life to date. It is your life line. 

Josh Homme & Iggy Pop

 We all know that the coolest bands, our musical icons, our great legends, have been wearing these leather beauties for decades.

The Ramones

 A Brief History 

Some of the earliest jackets were worn by aviators and members of the military, later to become known as the 'Bomber Jacket'. Irving Schott designed the first ever motorcycle jacket in 1928 and sold it at a Harley Davidson Store in NYC, later to be made famous by the likes of Marlon Brandon, James Dean and Steve McQueen. This biker style became the identifiable staple of the 'Rockers' in the 70's, who favoured motorbikes and American rock 'n' roll. Fast forward to the 80's and the punks were rocking the leather, customising them with studs, badges and safety pins - think The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLauren. 

Early Aviator Jacket              James Dean                       Steve McQueen


 Punk London                   Vivienne Westwood                The Clash


The Question Is

Will they ever go out of fashion? I think not, and if they were to, the true lovers will always wear one on their backs, because to us, it's not about 'what's in' fashion, it's a statement of who we are, an expression of our rebellious souls because we truly are the rebels with a cause.